BSRLM Publications

Research in Mathematics Education: Vol 5

Edited by: Pope, S. and McNamara, O.


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1: A discursive psychology approach to the analysis of attention in mathematics classroom interaction
Richard Barwell

2: Seeing patterns: somatic markers in teachers' decision-making and students' reasoning in mathematics classrooms
Laurinda Brown, David A. Reid and Alf Coles

3: From one language to another: a semiotic interpretation of the translation of mathematical words
Marie T. Farrugia

4: The place of experimental tasks in geometry teaching: learning from the textbook designs of the early 20th century
Keith Jones and Taro Fujita

5: Using theoretical-computational conflicts to enrich the concept image of derivative
Victor Giraldo, David Tall and Luiz Mariano Carvalho

6: An investigation into the balance of prescription, experiment and play when learning about the properties of quadratic functions with ICT
Stephen Godwin and Rob Beswetherwich

7: Modelling in mechanics: a review of the recent A-level textbooks in mechanics
Stuart Rowlands

8: A theoretical comparison of the teaching of mental calculation strategies in England and the Netherlands
Carol Murphy

9: Mathematics learning trajectories: class, capital and conflict
Andy Noyes

10: Vygotsky and the ZPD: have we got it right?
Stuart Rowlands

11: A scale for assessing probabilistic thinking and the representativeness tendency
Thekla Afantiti-Lamprianou and Julian Williams

12: Approaching algebra through sequence problems: exploring children's strategies
Jenny Houssart and Hilary Evens

13: Children's proportional reasoning and tendency for an additive strategy: the role of models
Christina Misailidou and Julian Williams

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