BSRLM Publications

Research in Mathematics Education: Vol 3

Edited by: Morgan, C. and Jones, K.


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Introduction: Research in mathematics education: some issues and some emerging influences
Keith Jones and Candia Morgan

1: Needing to use algebra
Alf Coles and Laurinda Brown

2: The frequency of selection and relative effectiveness of different mental calculation methods: some evidence from the 1987 APU surveys
Derek Foxman

3: Assessing early mathematical development
Ray Godfrey and Carol Aubrey

4: School or college mathematics and workplace practice: an activity theory perspective
J.S. Williams, G. D. Wake and N. C. Boreham

5: The interaction between the use of ICT and mathematics teachers' professional knowledge base for teaching
Colette Crisan

6: Models and super-models: ways of thinking about professional knowledge
Stephanie Prestage and Pat Perks

7: Mathematics student teachers' responses to influences and beliefs
Jim Smith

8: Metaphors and other linguistic pointers to children's mental representations
Chris Bills

9: A transnational comparison of primary mathematics textbooks: the case of multiplication
Rosamund Sutherland, Jan Winter and Tony Harries

10: Mathematics and human activity: representation in mathematical writing
Candia Morgan

11: Being creative with the truth? Self-expression and originality in pupils' mathematics
Peter Huckstep and Tim Rowland

12: Construction of conceptual knowledge: the case of computer-aided exploration of period doubling
Soo D. Chae and David O. Tall

13: How does the way in which individual students behave affect the shared construction of meaning?
Sally Elliott, Brian Hudson and Declan O'Reilly

14: Conjecturing in open geometric situations using dynamic geometry: an exploratory classroom experiment
Federica Olivero

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